Foto ateliér 1985


I founded the music group Horoskop in 1978 together with the versatile musician Jarda Zeman. After the exchange of several musicians, a solid formation was established, consisting of Luděk Malár - Bass, Jarda Zeman - Guitar, keyboards, trumpet, Pepa Holásek - Drums, Pavel Svačina - Keyboard, saxophone. After the agreement, we disbanded the band in April 1990.

We left for Switzerland for our first engagement at the end of September 1981. The first six-month fee of about one million Czech crowns, we invested in the purchase of sound equipment. The second part of the fee fell on Pragokoncert taxes in the amount of 50% ????

In 1984, we passed under the Slovak agency Slovkoncert Bánská Bystrica, where taxes were 14%. We stayed there until 1990, when we broke up and dissolved the Horoscope group.

In Switzerland, we played under the agency Bugra production.

musicians who were members of:

1978 – Luděk Malár, Jaroslav Zeman, Richard Dvořák, Milan Rokyta, Josef Forman,

1979 - Luděk Malár, Jaroslav Zeman, Richard Dvořák, Milan Rokyta, Jitka Karlíková

1980 - Luděk Malár, Jaroslav Zeman, Richard Dvořák, Josef Holásek,

1981 - Luděk Malár, Jaroslav Zeman, Josef Holásek, Jiří Plášil,


songs to download:

live recordings from 1985 (downloaded from a cassette tape)

  1. Der Kommissar
  2. Hot In The City
  3. Africa
  4. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
  5. Dreaming
  6. Geronimo´s Cadillac