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Markéta Pešková (singing) successful young singer and actress, a graduate of the Brno JAMU, a member of the ensemble of the Municipal Theater in Brno. He currently works in musicals and productions "Jája a Pája" - Radost Theater, "Soap Prince" - Broadway Theater Prague, "Bítls" - Brno City Theater, "Magic Flute" - Radost Theater, "Titanic" - Brno City Theater, "Chaplin" - Brno City Theater.

Salih Hadziabdic (vocals, acoustic and electric guitar) In 2000, with the support of his childhood friends, Ady and Alen from Derventa, Salih formed the band Unplugged Plug - a very successful club band in Sarajevo, 300,000. This band rightly gained cult status among Bosnian audiences during the eighteen years of the band's existence. In 2013, the band recorded an album in Sarajevo called "Dabogda struje did not happen!", Which was promoted in the following years as part of club performances. Throughout its existence, the band has often presented itself on TV, radio, at festivals, clubs, and foreign tours to Europe are no exception. Let us remember a very successful performance in Prague at the Jazz Club in 2013. It is interesting, among other things, to shoot a video for the song "Savršeno" in the magical places of historic Prague.

Luděk Malár (singing, percussion, guitar) studied violin and guitar at the Folk Art School. As a musician, he worked in several rock bands in the 70's, where he played bass guitar and sang. From the age of twenty-three, he began playing professionally and founded the group Horoscope (1980). In the same year, the band signed a contract with the Swiss agency Bugra Production and began working permanently in Swiss music clubs. After the November Revolution, Luděk Malár ended his career as a professional musician and started a business in the field of computer technology. In the autumn of 1995, together with František Hrnčiřík, he founded the music agency EMP Music, which focuses on young musicians and singers. In Zlín, he renewed the tradition of the competition festival of young singers and composers Zlíntalent (formerly Intertalent), which is now called Czechtalent. Ludek Malár is the president of this music competition. From 1999 to 2004, the EMP Music agency organized the international competitive music festival Universetalent Prague in the capital of the republic. Luděk Malár is invited to the juries of foreign festivals of young talents (Malta, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Romania, Egypt). Since 2001, he has been a member of the international jury of one of the largest American talent search agencies, IMTA, where it meets twice a year - in July in New York and in January in Los Angeles. As a music producer, Luděk Malár discovered for the Czech music scene Tomáš Klus, Dasha, Alice Konečná and Markéta Poulíčková. He produced Tomáš Klus's albums Cesta do záhu (d) by and Hlavní zatěrn splínu (both won the Golden Record), as well as for singers Dashu and Alice Konečná, Tom Malara and the band Premier. He has produced a total of two dozen albums.

Luboš Mašlík  (bass guitar, guitar, multi-instrumentalist) as a musician he works in several Zlín bands and works as a sound master in the recording studio Esorecording.

Jozef Dráb  (bass guitar)

Pavel Ivanovský (drums, percussion instruments) 

Jarda Zeman (keyboards, vocal) 

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